Our first child Edith Joy came into the world silently on the 27th May 2018.

At a routine check-up and 32 weeks pregnant we were given the devastating news that her heart had stopped beating. I would have to deliver our little princess only then to say goodbye.

The momentary memories made with our girl and the short time we held her in our arms have become the cement that binds us and the fuel that fires our love for family and for life.

Edith’s due date was 18th July 2018 this is now the date I married Edith’s Daddy (my lovely husband Shaun)

Learning to live life and laugh again whilst accepting that our special little girl will always be missing is the challenge we now face.

I write to Edith, I write for Edith, I write because It’s the only thing I can do to make sense of the array of emotions that pilot this complicated grief.

Now everything I do is for Edith Joy; the apple of my eye; the keeper of my heart..